Larry 2.0


Dance to Live Music

Who’s Larry?

        Larry 2.0 is a six member band which specializes in playing dance music for charity functions, reunions and weddings. The band’s name was an easy choice since all of its members were formerly with the long running and popular Seattle group “Larry and the Flames”.  All but one of these guys have known each other since playing together in different bands through high school and college. As the band matured, their “job” became a hobby, and now many of the bands performances are at below market  rates to help worthy local charities. For many years the band has sponsored their own Halloween party for their friends, fans and families. Be sure to get on the mailing list for a great party.

Band Style:

       The band uses its instrument and vocal versatility to play a broad range of dance songs from all decades. (If it’s not danceable, we won’t play it!)  With five vocalists all capable of lead singing, the band’s sound  is varied while specializing in playing well known dance songs from a wide variety of popular artists.